Welcome to our new website!

While preparing our 1023 forms to qualify as a non profit, we were told to finish our website first so here we are with all the important things you need to now about Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella. 

We will keep you updated here about our ups and downs; our current agenda and the events we are embroiled in at the moment.

We who do rescue as Individuals are plagued by naysayers and people who often lack compassion for cats ranging from helpless newborns to senior ferals who need to come in off the streets and often can get nothing more from us than a small meal on the sidewalk.  Some people would even deny them this small kindness.


Let's join together under the Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella finding and sharing resources that will help us to help them!  The BIG Dream is for a sanctuary to Trap Neuter and Remove these cats from our uncaring, dangerous and cruel streets! 


I submitted our paperwork to the IRS to get Non Profit 501c3 status in January 2013.  I was told to wait and that in 3 months it would be finalized or I would be told what else is needed by the IRS to finish the process.  I’m still waiting.

Trap Neuter Return has cost me over $3,500 so far and it is mainly coming out of my pocket – I am on Disability.  We also have a $733 bill for cats that became sick when we left Petco and had no place to put them. 

Last year, I spent over $13,000 with no regrets but I no longer have hope of getting that Determination Letter in time to make a difference.  Rescue is on the Back Burner and so is Adoption Assistance, there may not be a way of coming back.